Elk Creek Dragway, Inc.
2017 Rules

1. If any racer has a problem, contact the Race Director; do not interrupt the event by going to the starting line or the staging lanes. Please wait until the end of the round and see the Race Director. The Race Director will discuss the problem with that racer as long as the discussion remains calm. If any racer starts using profane language or screaming the discussion is over. If you touch an employee in an aggressive manner you will be barred or disciplinary action will be taken.

2. The decision of the Race Director is final.

3. Any driver caught drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs will be disqualified. Each driver is responsible for the actions of their crewmembers.

4. No more than 3 crewmembers are allowed on the starting line behind the starter per car - No loafing.

5. No children allowed in staging lanes, bleach box or on the track unless in competition.

6. The speed limit is 10 mph throughout the premises.

7. If a racer decides to run more than one class, it is up to the racer, not the track, to keep up.

8. No two drivers may enter the same car in the same class except special events that allow double entries.

9. When qualifying for a qualified field, you must make qualify runs during scheduled qualifying rounds for that event.

10. Track records may only be set during time trials or eliminations.

11. No time runs during eliminations. Special runs (exhibition, match, etc.) are not considered time runs and may be scheduled by track officials.

12. Any driver caught intentionally using an illegal electronic device will be disqualified from the event and lose all points and points money for the season. The track reserves the right to report the infraction to the sanctioning body for further disciplinary measures.

13. Long pants, shirt, shoes, and helmets are requirements in all classes.  Fire suits required if mandated for your class or ET in the IHRA rulebook. No shorts or tank tops.

14. IHRA safety rules pertaining to safety requirements in bracket type cars will be followed according to your ETs.

15. Every car will be issued a number and will receive points. Drivers will receive 20 points for each race entered (must make 1st round by crossing the commitment to race line at the front of the staging lanes under power), and 10 round points for each round of competition won. No transferring points from one class to another. Bonus points will be issued each race for the following: 3 points for Race Win, 2 points for runner-up or 1 point for semi-final. All races are point races except the ECD Invitational event or stated otherwise. We have 24 point races scheduled. PERFECT ATTENDENCE BONUS POINTS: Racers who attend all 2017 points races will receive 1 bonus point for every event that is completed in 2017. Example: If you attend all 24 races and they are completed you would receive 24 bonus points.  This is more incentive for racers to run all the races possible in 2017. No cost to join the points, if you enter a race you will be in the ECD points program. 2017 Points will end the weekend before the IHRA Bracket finals. In the event a points race is rained out we will schedule a double event in the following two weeks. This will be 2 races in one day not a double points event. So when we get rained out plan on racing 2 races the next week.
Points System Tie Breakers: If the need for a tie breaker arises for the bracket finals or overall finish in points the following system will be used in this order. The competitor who has attended the most events in 2017 will win the tie. If a tie still exist best race performance (wins, R/U, Semi, etc.) will win the tie. If a tie still exist a card draw will be used, high card wins the tie.

16. Buy-backs are available first and second round each week.  Buy-back fees will be:  Super Pro - $30; Footbrake - $20; DOT - $10; Jr. Dragsters - $5; and Motorcycles - $10. Buy-backs must be purchased in the tower; prior to the beginning of the next round of eliminations Buy-backs are eligible for bye runs once back in eliminations. Drivers who buy-back will receive 10 points per round won after they buy-back. Buy-back drivers are eligible for round money in Super Pro and Footbrake.  

17. If your car breaks in the staging lanes, you have five minutes or until the end of the round, whichever is greater.

18. The line at the front of the staging lanes is the commitment to race line. If you break after you cross the line, you then have twenty seconds to make the starting line before the other driver is told to stage.

19. If you break before you make a pass down the track and you wish to leave, you will receive your competition entry fee back. Spectator admission will be subtracted from entry. No points will be given for the event if a break pass is issued. Break passes must be requested before the first round of eliminations.

20. All rainouts will be determined by track management. The dated tickets received will serve as rain checks for spectators and drivers in the event of a rain out.

21. The "Dash for Cash" program will be available in the following classes: Super Pro, Footbrake, DOT, Jr.Dragsters, and Motorcycles. Any driver, who wishes to participate in dash for cash, must pay $10 in the tower prior to your second time run. Your second time run will be your dash for cash run. All dash for cash entries will be run together according to class. All drivers who do not wish to participate in dash for cash will still receive their second time run. The winner will be the driver who is closest to their dial-in without breaking out. You may red light and still win dash for cash. One half of the pot for your class will go to the winner; the other half will go to the bracket point fund. Should there be a tie, the money will be split and cards will be drawn to determine who will receive the first bye-run. In the event of a tie after the first round, the bye-run will be determined by the draw of the cards. To be eligible for dash for cash, you must run the dash for cash round with your assigned class. 

22. Any car running two or more classes will have the opportunity to run dash for cash in their classes (if dash for cash is available in those classes). Example: One time run and the rest dash for cash.
No dash for cash - two time runs only.

23. Once you cross the line at the back of the staging lanes, do not change lanes or leave the lanes. Leaving the lanes will result in disqualification. This disqualification will not disrupt the normal run order. CARS ARE NOT PAIRED UNTIL STAGING DIRECTOR APPOINTS THEM.

24. While in the staging lanes STAY WITH YOUR CAR and be ready to race at any time.

25. Staging lanes will be run at the staging lane director's discretion.

26. Any time cars are left in only one lane, lane choice will be determined by draw of high card, except for dash for cash rounds.

27. Round robin may be used at any time a track official may find it necessary.

28. If your class is called to the staging lanes and you miss the entire round and there is a buy-back offered, you can buy-back. You may also pay entry fee and enter competition without making a time run. In addition, you may enter competition in any buy back round provided that the entry fee and all relevant buy back rounds have been paid for, i.e., 2nd round entries must pay entry fee and two buy backs to enter.

29. Bye-runs will be determined by dash for cash participants, with the winner receiving the first bye-run, then down the Dash for Cash list in order of Dash finish. If no more Dash for Cash cars are left in competition, the bye-run will go to any driver that has not received a bye-run which is to be determined by the draw of the cards. In the finals lane choice will always be by the draw of the cards.
If, at any point during the race, all remaining cars have previously had bye runs, cards will be drawn as needed to determine who receives the next bye run.

30. All bye-runs must stage and take the tree under power.

31. Burnouts are allowed in the water box only. No holding cars during burnouts.

32. No burnouts across the starting line, unless told to do so or given the option by a track official.

33. Your dial in must be CLEAR and legible on all FOUR windows. The dial in must be on your car prior to crossing the line at the front of the staging lanes. Do not PRE-STAGE your car until your dial in is on the scoreboard, or if your dial in is wrong on the scoreboard. If you PRE-STAGE your car you have accepted all dial-ins, the results are final.

34. We use a Compulink timing system with automatic start. Once a driver is staged and Auto-start is activated, the other car has 10 seconds to stage (20 seconds for Jr. Dragster). If any single amber bulb on the side of the tree facing the competitors is burned out, the race will be rerun. The round will not be rerun if a single stage or pre-stage bulb facing the drivers is burnt out and both racers stage and run without protest.

35. In the event of a burn down situation, when the official starter has given each driver sufficient time to stage, he will then motion both cars in. At that time, you will have 10 seconds to stage. If neither car has staged at the end of the 10 seconds, both cars will be disqualified.

36. Courtesy staging is in effect. Do not final stage your car until your opponent has pre-staged. If this happens, the starter has the option of asking the first car to back out or delaying activation of the auto-start until the second car is ready to stage.

37. Deep staging will be allowed unless it is prohibited in your class; DEEP must be written on all four windows. Deep staging is up to the driver, reasonable time will be given for both cars to stage. PLEASE DON’T PLAY GAMES. No backing into the stage beams to stage your car. The last deliberate motion during staging must be forward.  

38. If you smoke the tires at the finish line, you will be disqualified. Only the starting line official can make this call. If this happens in the first or second round, you can buy back. Multiple offenses at the same event may result in further disciplinary action.

39. Junior Dragsters must be towed or pushed by adults to the staging lanes. Under NO circumstance may a junior dragster be driven anywhere on the track property other than on the track itself and down the return road to the E.T. booth. Junior dragsters must be picked up by a tow vehicle at the end of the run and towed back to the pits. Street driven vehicles may not tow junior dragsters.

40. Junior Dragsters are to be driven by children ages 8 through 17. All competitors in Jr. Dragster will be run as one class regardless of the age of driver or E.T. of car (7.90 or slower). Cars will be paired at random (the way they enter the lanes) or by matching cards.

41. Anytime a junior dragster is started, whether in the pits or in the staging lanes, a qualified driver must be seated in the vehicle.

42. No verbal or physical assistance in staging, by the crewmembers, will be allowed after the Junior Dragsters have PRE-STAGED. Crewmembers cannot touch the dragsters after they have crossed the “parent line” or been called forward by the starter. Participants may raise their hand ONE time to request the starter to back the vehicle out of the stage beam.  

43. No electronics are allowed in Footbrake, DOT, or Jr. Dragsters. Delay boxes must be out of the car. No transbrake may be used in Footbrake. Delay boxes are NOT allowed on motorcycles.  Air or Electric shifters may be used in Footbrake.

44. DOT - Street legal DOT approved tires - No slicks - Exhaust must be run through mufflers - No electronics.
Attention: Competitors that race in DOT can also run in other classes during that day’s event, in the same car.

45. You cannot claim Super Series points in DOT or Motorcycles at Elk Creek Dragway.

46.  All vehicles must have at least one working taillight.

47. All motorcycles must have a working taillight mounted behind the seat or on the wheelie bars.

48. Golf carts, scooters, ATVs, etc. must have a car number on them. Mis-use of these vehicles could lead to disqualification. Valid driver's license required for operating any pit assist vehicle.

49. If any part of a vehicle crosses the centerline and the outcome of the race is affected, this could result in disqualification.

50. All operators of vehicles other than Jr. Dragsters must have a driver's license.

51. Race Director may waive, amend, or modify any rule at any time for any single occurrence, for any good cause.

52. No center steer vehicles, altered or fenderless Roadsters in Footbrake.

53. The Board of Directors request that anyone with complaints, comments or suggestions regarding the business operation, scheduling & polices of Elk Creek Dragway, Inc. please submit them in writing or in person at a board meeting. Board meetings are held in the timing tower most Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm.  Meeting time and dates will be posted on the website. Each issue will receive due consideration by the Board of Directors. A response will be given in writing for each issue. The only exception to this will be issues regarding safety during an event. (Example: sickness, heart attack etc.)

The decision of the Race Director is final.  

The Board of Directors would appreciate you cooperation with this policy.

Updated:  March 14, 2017