*** RETURNING FOR 2014 ***
Elk Creek Dragway will be hosting the Hot Street Heads-Up Racing.
5.70 Street Outlaw, 6.70 Street Eliminator & 7.70 Super Street

For more information please contact Billy Lambert 276-620-3961
2014 RULES


  • No stickers on the body  (except the glass).
  • No throttle stops or down track stutter boxes.
  • Wheelie bars allowed.
  • Any Power adder and any fuel is allowed.
  • Any size tire.

Race Procedure

  • 5.70 Street Outlaw will be run on a 5.70 break out Index.
  • 6.70 Street Eliminator will be run on a 6.70 break out Index.
  • 7.70 Super Street will be run on a 7.70 break out Index.
  • There will be 2 qualifying passes to determine the qualifying ladder. (A shakedown pass may also be ran if time permits)
  • Race will be run on a PRO TREE. The 5.70 and 6.70 will run on a .400 pro tree. The 7.70 will run on a .500 pro tree.
  • Race will be run on a Sportsman ladder.
  • Lane choice goes to the higher qualified car for the ENTIRE race.
  • Bye runs will also be determined by the qualifying ladder.
  • The ladder will be posted for racers to view at anytime.
  • ALL questions are to be directed to Billy Lambert or Hot Street race assistants….NOT to the Elk Creek staff.

Race Dates for 2014: April 19, May 24, June 28, July 26, August 23, and September 1

Entry Fee

7.70 Super Street $30 Car & Driver
6.70 Street Eliminator  $50 Car & Driver
5.70 Street Outlaw  $50 Car & Driver


Points System
4 Points will be awarded to enter race.

1 Point for each round win.

1 Extra point to win entire race.

A maximum of 4 races can be claimed for the season.

However, 4 Bonus Points will be awarded if you attend all 6 races.

Contact: Billy Lambert at 276-620-3961
Email: protreeisbest@yahoo.com