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September 21 - 24, 2017​
​No events at ECD
2017 IHRA D9 "Raiders"

Team Elk Creek

September 29 - 30, 2017

Nostalgia Event at the Creek
1964 & Older Cars & Trucks

Attn: Racers.

We have a new tie-breaker procedure for Dash for Cash. In the past we drew cards for the first potential bye and split the money with the tied racers. Now we use your reaction time from your Dash for Cash run as the tie-breaker. We are not going to best package for dash for cash. This is only a tie breaker. Closest to the dial will still win dash unless it's a tie. For instance: If you and another racer both run dead on your dial with an 0 and you had an .009 reaction and they had an .020 reaction, you would win dash for cash. You would get the money and the 1st potential bye. The main reason to do this is for ties down the list that can be overlooked. This way all the ties will be settled when the list is printed. In the unlikely event that racers are tied with dial and reaction we will have to use a card draw.

We have a new procedure during time runs. To speed up the program during time runs when we have cars in one lane only we will be paring them up. The car at the head of the line will have lane choice and the car behind them will have the other lane. We know some will not like this but last week it would have saved us an hour of time. If you really have to have your lane I would suggest coming to staging as soon as your class is called.

These changes should help us get you guys home at a reasonable hour when we have big car counts or a lot of classes scheduled. Other changes may be required.

If you are interested being a Sponsor or Advertizing Elk Creek Dragway Please Contact us at: 276-655-4551 or
News, Updates & Coming Events....

  • Motorcycle Racers see the motorcycles page for the 2017 program.

  • This year IHRA Summit Team Finals paperwork will all be done at the event. You will not get a tech card from us you'll get it at the event. All you need is to be on our list (see below) to enter the event. We will be paying for the main event race for all team members. Gamblers race entry is up to you. Good Luck everyone.

Also on Friday Night...

330 Outlaw Jr. Dragster Race
Instant Green Tree
Entry Fee $30
Purse 100% of Entry Fees

Saturday Jr. Dragster Classes...

7.90 Heads-Up Pro Tree
Entry Fee $30
Purse 100% of Entry Fees

Bracket Race age 11 and under
No 7.90 cars
Entry Fee $15
Purse 100% of Entry Fees

Bracket Race Age 12 and older
Entry Fee $15
Purse 100% of Entry Fees
BX25Bobby Hash
1217James McCutcheon
XX39Ray Eller
999XTommy Miller
8X64Tim Chapman
5X31Derrek Thomson
1X24Josh Hamblin
3X47Linn Joines
1X18Allan Thomson
2X40Eddie Bailey
MX69Dean Miller
7X16Dwight Hash
2X54David Phillips
TX15Tanner Miller
9189Brian Adkins

3X02Nathan Sexton
JX46Tim Douglas
CX77C.J. Mulkey
1X01Kenneth Nester
1X99Jimmy Reeves
8X06Robin Bobbitt
EX59Tom Baker
EX72Jamie Holston
9XX9Brandon White
EX67Mike Holston
1XMWMike Willard
4X23Ray Jacobs
351Justin Holston
ZX21Wayne Mabe
CX10Ernie Brewer
199B.J. Hash
JX09Darin Sowers
4X16B.J. Bell
71Roger Akers

022XBethany Sexton
259XEmily Million
925XStaten Halsey
531XWill Willard
228XRiley Halsey
1406 Keaton Hudson
396X Marshal Spradlin