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2018 Race Schedule
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​​​Friday, June 22nd

Test & Tune
True Street

Gates will open at 5:00pm
 Test and tune will start at 6:00pm
Race Time runs at 7:00pm
 Spectator Admission is $5.00

Test & Tune is $10.00

Saturday, June 23rd

Summit Super Series Point Race for 
Super Pro, Footbrake, DOT, Jr Dragsters and Motorcycles.

Gates will open at Noon
 Time Runs will start at 2:00pm
Racing starts after time runs 

 Spectator Admission is $10.00

Attn: Shareholders, Racers and Fans there will be a special shareholders meeting Tuesday, June 26th at 7:00pm at the Elk Creek Fire Department.

Attn: Racers.

We have a new tie-breaker procedure for Dash for Cash. In the past we drew cards for the first potential bye and split the money with the tied racers. Now we use your reaction time from your Dash for Cash run as the tie-breaker. We are not going to best package for dash for cash. This is only a tie breaker. Closest to the dial will still win dash unless it's a tie. For instance: If you and another racer both run dead on your dial with an 0 and you had an .009 reaction and they had an .020 reaction, you would win dash for cash. You would get the money and the 1st potential bye. The main reason to do this is for ties down the list that can be overlooked. This way all the ties will be settled when the list is printed. In the unlikely event that racers are tied with dial and reaction we will have to use a card draw.

We have a new procedure during time runs. To speed up the program during time runs when we have cars in one lane only we will be paring them up. The car at the head of the line will have lane choice and the car behind them will have the other lane. We know some will not like this but it saves time. If you really have to have your lane I would suggest coming to staging as soon as your class is called.

These changes should help us get you guys home at a reasonable hour when we have big car counts or a lot of classes scheduled. Other changes may be required.

If you are interested being a Sponsor or Advertizing Elk Creek Dragway Please Contact us at: 276-655-4551 or
News, Updates & Coming Events....

  • The Big $1000 to win Jr. Dragster Race is August 11th. Also having a 7.90 Heads-Up Pro-Tree race that Friday August 10th. Details Here.
  • We are selling reserved pit spots. If you had a spot last year it will be held until April 7th for renewal. After that time it will be first come first served. The price is still $125 each or $100 for two or more.
  • The 2018 schedule has been released.
  • Tuesday, June 26th at 7:00pm we will have a special shareholders meeting at the Elk Creek Fire Department.

  • Jr. Dragster Pairing Process - Pairing and Lane Choice - Determined by card draw Red for Right Lane and Black for Left Lane. High card gets lane choice. If the pair is side by side and the cards are a tie (ie: black 7 and red 7) another pair will be drawn to determine lane choice. The car in line for the bye gets lane choice and the bye carries over until it’s used or driver is eliminated from race.