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Saturday, May 27th
Tomorrows Triple 10's will now be a 20K to win race.
Everything doubles, the entry, the buy back, the round money and the purse. Entry is $200, Buy Back is $160​
Gates open at 8:00am
Time runs start at 10:00 am
Spectator Entry: $15.00

Attn: Racers.
Starting this Saturday May 20th we are starting a new procedure during time runs. To speed up the program during time runs when we have cars in one lane only we will be paring them up. The car at the head of the line will have lane choice and the car behind them will have the other lane. We know some will not like this but last week it would have saved us an hour of time. If you really have to have your lane I would suggest coming to staging as soon as your class is called.

We also want to encourage you to come to the tower and get registered as soon as you get to the track instead of waiting until 1:45 to do it. We have waited to start time runs until the line in the tower cleared out. We can't hold up the program each week for this to happen. We are going to make every effort to start time runs at 2:00 each week. If you miss your first time run you'll have to fall in with another class to get it. If the Dash for Cash round has already started you may not have a chance to get a first time run.

These changes should help us get you guys home at a reasonable hour when we have big car counts or a lot of classes scheduled. Other changes may be required.

Attn: Footbrake racers. If you are also running Super Pro (Top) and use a delay box in that class please remember the delay box needs to be unhooked (disconnected) before running in Footbrake. This will keep you competition from suspecting you of using it in footbrake. The starter and other track staff are always watching for any suspicious movements or actions of the car and driver. Please help us with this issue so we don't have to ask you to remove the delay box between classes.

If you are interested being a Sponsor or Advertizing Elk Creek Dragway Please Contact us at: 276-655-4551 or
News, Updates & Coming Events....

  • We are looking for EMT's to work Fridays and Saturdays. Please contact us if you're interested.

  • The 2017 Race Schedule has been revised CLICK HERE. Dates have been added for Stock / Super Stock Combos, 7.90 Heads-Up Pro-Tree Jr. Dragsters & Big Jr. Dragster event. Our first points race will be April 8th. We hope to have a couple test & tunes before then.

  • BIG EVENT NEWS - Elk Creek Dragway is the 2017 host track for Kevin Pollard's 4th Annual MONEY TREE FOOTBRAKE TRIPLE 10s - May 26, 27 & 28.
  • The Reserved Pit Spot map and list has been revised. Spots will be held until April 8th at 6:00 pm, after that they are first come first served.
  • Motorcycle Racers see the motorcycles page for the 2017 program.